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Whether you need a one time service, weekly/biweekly seasonal maintenance or just vacation coverage, we do it all!

About Us

SoftScape Lawn & Garden Maintenance is a family oriented business operated out of Canfield, Ontario by owners Michael Paquette and Janice Petrie.

Our mission statement is to provide affordable property maintenance, without sacrificing quality, to residential homeowners and small businesses.

Our business facility in Canfield, Ontario is approx. 30 minutes south of Hamilton. We specialize in residential and small commercial property maintenance. We offer service in the greater Hamilton area, including Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Binbrook, as well as Caledonia, Canfield, Cayuga, and Hagersville.

While our focus is in maintaining the “soft” or living elements of your landscape such as turf, shrubs and borders, we also offer installation and repair of some “hard”elements such as wood fencing and small decks to complete your backyard oasis. Call us today to explore the possibilities of your yard!

We recognize that you have likely made a substantial investment in both time and money to get your property the way it currently is, but maintaining that look requires ongoing attention to detail, that represents an opportunity cost of quality time spent with friends and family. Or, perhaps you are starting with a clean slate but have limited time to devote to completing your dream.

About SoftScape Lawn & Garden Maintenance

About the owners:

Michael and Janice are both mature and experienced professionals, both in the landscape industry as well as in general business operation. Having spent a successful 18 year career with IBM in a variety of sales, operations and customer service positions, Michael has developed a business acumen that emphasizes a solutions-oriented approach to solving customer problems and ensuring total satisfaction. SoftScape Lawn & Garden was born to marry this skill with a passion for working in an unstructured outdoor environment, combined with the dream of owning and operating his own business. Janice also has a solid business background in the Oil & Gas industry as well as the landscaping business. She studied in the Accounting field and ensures the company is operated efficiently so that we will be around to serve your ongoing needs. Both Janice and Michael have extensive experience in landscaping many properties over the years and have both been actively employed by landscaping firms as well.

Dependability and reliability are not just buzzwords at SoftScape….more often than not you will be working directly with the owners. During the peak season or when this is not possible, you will find that our staff are well trained and mature individuals that practice the same values and work ethic that our company was founded on. Should the need arise for subcontracting part of your project; it would only be done with your prior awareness and approval. We assume the full responsibility and guarantee their work….you always deal with SoftScape, never a third party.

Please take a moment to browse just a few samples of our work on the portfolio page. Whatever your needs may be, Why not give us a call ….friendly advice is always free, and we would be happy to schedule a no obligation site visit to discuss your specific needs.


Lawn Cutting/Trimming/Blowing

Lawn CuttingWe maintain your turf on demand or on a schedule to suit your requirements and budget. Perhaps you want to maintain your own lawn, but have us fill in for you when you are on vacation or just have something come up unexpectedly and you can’t get to it. The generally accepted principle is to never cut more than one third of your turf at any given time, but the interval is dependent on other variables. Every lawn type/location could have different needs…a newly sodded lawn particularly with irrigation would likely require a weekly cut. An established lawn in shady conditions without irrigation or fertilizer might only need a biweekly cut…or perhaps a 10 day interval. We are flexible and a site visit along with ongoing monitoring will determine what is best for your particular lawn. Our pricing starts at $25 per cut for smallest of lawns, with a small upcharge for removal and disposal of clippings. At SoftScape we generally advise to retain/mulch the clippings to put nutrients back into the soil however this is not a good idea for overgrown lawns as the decomposition layer will be too thick and have the adverse effect of shielding sunlight to the roots of the turf.

Spring/Fall Cleanups

Spring Fall Clean upsOur season starts approximately April 15 with spring cleanups that involve cleaning out your beds and borders, raking, dethatching or whatever your turf needs to get a good start on the season. We will also do general debris removal so now is the time clean out that garage or shed! Pricing for yard cleanups is dependent upon each property’s characteristics, but generally starts at $99 based on a one person 4 hour service call. Dumping or disposal fees are additional.

Please note that we cannot take anything environmentally hazardous such as batteries or oil/chemicals or used tires from your garage.

Bed/Border Maintenance

Bed border mainteinanceWe will bring your borders back to life by re-edging the turf, weeding and raking the soil, refreshing the mulch and trimming/pruning the shrubs, deadheading the perennials, and whatever else may be required.

We can also do installations of new beds or replanting of existing beds with plant or shrubs that you prefer.

Call for a free quote today!


Fertilizing-AerationWith the advent of provincial legislation that has largely banned the most effective chemicals for residential weed control, it is even more important now to focus on building a healthy lawn that will choke out weeds before they establish and get out of control. In order to do this, we recommend a minimum of 3 fertilizations per season with a fourth advisable in the fall to promote root development over the winter months. We use top quality slow release granular fertilizer for a lush green lawn all summer long.

If you have compacted soil conditions, you may want to consider a spring or fall aeration of your lawn. Aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of soil from your lawn to provide space for air and sunlight to reach the roots which then can grow deeper and result in a more vigorous lawn that can better combat insects and disease. These small plugs are left on the lawn to decompose and add nutrients to the soil. Ideally fertilization and or overseeding should follow aeration, particularly on a thin or sparse lawn.

Sodding/Top Dressing/Overseeding

Sodding SeedingWhether you have a new yard which requires sod, or an established yard that needs stripping or rejuvenation with good topdressing and over seeding, we can help.

Sod pricing and installation is per square foot and dependent upon grade conditions, site elevation, topsoil requirements etc. Call today for a site visit!

Property Fencing

Property FencingYes we do wood fencing as well! Pricing is by the linear foot and dependent upon the style and materials you choose, i.e.: privacy or decorative, 4 or 6 inch posts etc. We can build out of pressure treated or cedar as your budget allows.

We can do repairs to existing fences or decks and can also remove and dispose of old fences or decks whether or not you contract us to build the replacement.


A small sample of our work. References for these and other jobs are available upon request

Services we offer

Lawn Cutting
Cutting/trimming/blowing, clippings mulched or removed, flexible scheduling to suit
New installs or repairs, topdressing and overseeding
Spring/Fall Cleanups
Leaf/Branch/Debris, removal, shrub/small tree pruning, garage clean outs
Bed/Border Maintenance
Mulching, Border edging, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, planting
Spring or fall plug aeration, all season or one time fertilization, quality name brand, slow release granular
Property Fencing
Pressure treated wood or cedar, privacy or decorative to suit, turnkey or will assist your build, repairs or removal/disposal